Eddie, The Early Years

The Introduction of the Characters

Eddie and Mark, in the eighth grade, are up against their school's arch rival, Centerville Middle School, in the last track meet of the season. Running against a square-jawed guy who is one of the fastest sprinters in the division, Eddie and Mark have their work cut out for them. Present at the track meet is the high school coach, Mr. George Frazier, who is attending to check out the talent he will inherent next year. The race ends with quite a surprise, which is no surprise to Eddie and Mark.

Off the track, while out training one day, Eddie discovers the secret of all secrets.

About to enter high school as freshmen, Eddie and Mark are extensively working out to secure a place on the high school track team. Meeting together with his friends at the county pool, Eddie and the group discuss the upcoming track season in high school. But, do they have what it takes to make the team?

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Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page   Title Page
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Chapter One The Race The Race
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Chapter Two Summer Summer
36 MB
Chapter Three The Portal The Portal
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Chapter Four The Return Trip The Return Trip
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Chapter Five Flashback Flashback
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Chapter Six Getting Ready Getting Ready
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Appendix I Track Meet Officials Track Meet Officials
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