Eddie, The Freshman Year

The Interaction of the Characters

Entering high school as freshmen, Eddie and Mark are extensively working out to secure a place on the high school track team. During tryouts, Eddie and Mark come face to face with the high school’s star sprinter, Paul Mahoney. Axel Braden, running a sub 60-second 440-yard dash, Eric Johnson, who runs any race from the 100-yard dash to the mile, Gary Mitchell, the school’s distance star, and Robert Bradshaw, the shot-put star, all hope to make the high school track team. But, do they all have what it takes?

The track and field season opens, and the high school’s track team is the strongest it has ever been. The team is not only extremely competent on the track, but equally competent at psychological warfare. On the track, the team functions as a well-oiled precision machine. Off the track, some of the interactions between the team members are not quite as refined. Drama ensues during the entire season, on the track and off, causing heated contention between some of the athletes.

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Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page   Title Page
1 MB
Chapter One The First Weeks The First Weeks
40 MB
Chapter Two The Turn of Events The Turn of Events
35 MB
Chapter Three Let the Workouts Begin Let the Workouts Begin
74 MB
Chapter Four Indoor Track Tryouts Indoor Track Tryouts
83 MB
Chapter Five Winter Semester Winter Semester, Part 1
89 MB
    Winter Semester, Part 2
55 MB
Chapter Six Spring Tryouts Spring Tryouts
99 MB
Chapter Seven The Spring Season The Spring Season, Part 1
106 MB
    The Spring Season, Part 2
70 MB
Chapter Eight Summer Break Summer Break
96 MB
Appendix I Track Meet Officials Track Meet Officials
4 MB