Eddie, The 25 Year Reunion

Taking care of Buisiness

Twenty-five years after graduating, the tribe is as close as ever. Certain problematic people from the past keep resurfacing, which Eddie vows to take care of in a more permanent manner. Mark recalls the term Psycho Chubin from his high school days, and puts the fictitious drug to use.

Eddie and Kathy's daugther, Milana, does not run track, but rather is a prodigy on the organ. As Kathy and Eddie experienced on the track, Milana is not without the bumpy ride that Eddie and Kathy experienced when they were in school.

The reunion goes a little better this year, with the party continuing again at the beach. At the beach, Tessa runs into the person who was chasing all her records, but then suddenly disappeared from the swimming circuit.

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Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page   Title Page      
Chapter One Ongoing Projects        
Chapter Two Life Around Town        
Chapter Three Christmas Break        
Chapter Four The Audit        
Chapter Five Self Defense        
Chapter Six Springtime.        
Chapter Seven Life at the Service Station        
Chapter Eight Summer        
Chapter Nine The Reunion        
Chapter Ten Post-Reunion Clean Up        
Chapter Eleven More Loose Ends        
Chapter Twelve One Last Ditch Effort        
Chapter Thirteen Moving Forward