Eddie, The Sophomore Year

The Beginning of Conflicts

Eddie, Mark, and the tribe are no longer at the bottom of the high school food chain, proving themselves on the track and off. Expanding their horizons, the tribe tries out for football, which does not go very well for the rest of the football team.

This year, Kathy finds out that women, under certain circumstances, may participate on the men’s sports teams. Kathy decides she wants to try out for the track team. Kathy’s discovery infuriates Mr. Crum, the principal, who starts an all-out war with Mr. Zunde, the athletic director and the track coach, Mr. Frazier. The contention within the administration escalates throughout the school year, but does not end there. Mr. Crum finds every way possible to interfere with the track team, going so far as to suspending Eddie.

The Spring track season brings a heightened controversy with the return of Paul Mahoney, which does not sit well with Kathy. Mark messes with McCutchen on a new level. And, at the end of the school year, Mr. Zunde throws the discus over Mr. Crum’s head, setting the stage for more heated controversy in the future.

The Summer brings a more relaxed atmosphere for the tribe. Right before the school year begins, Kathy does the unthinkable and decides to go into the future and buy her school wardrobe.

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Title Page   Title Page
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Chapter One Autumn Semester Autumn Semester
123 MB
Chapter Two Indoor Track Tryouts Indoor Track Tryouts
95 MB
Chapter Three The Big Confrontation The Big Confrontation
62 MB
Chapter Four The Winter Season The Winter Season, Part 1
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    The Winter Season, Part 2
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Chapter Five Spring Track Tryouts Spring Track Tryouts
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Chapter Six The Spring Season The Spring Season, Part 1
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    The Spring Season, Part 2
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Chapter Seven Summer Break Summer Break, Part 1
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    Summer Break, Part 2
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Appendix I Track Meet Officials Track Meet Officials
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