Eddie, The Junior Year

Even Bigger Conflicts

Eddie and the tribe have clearly demonstrated their proficiency on the track. This year, Kathy, Paula, Eddie, and Braden all have a few serious run ins with Mr. Crum. Kathy is particularly bothered by Mr. Crum’s constant belligerence toward her this year, and gets very stressed.

Complicating matters, Jimmy O’Brien and Chuckie try out for the track team, ending in a massive confrontation and all-out war between the coaches and the principal.

On the track, the team is stronger than it’s ever been, with even more athletes going to the State invitational meets than last year.

At graduation, Kathy finally gets the upper hand, delivering the final blow to Mr. Crum that will go down in the school’s history. And, the secret is finally revealed of how Mr. Zunde gets away with all that he does, and why Mr. Crum is so afraid of him.

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Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page   Title Page
1 MB
Chapter One Autumn Semester Autumn Semester, Part 1
86 MB
    Autumn Semester, Part 2
58 MB
Chapter Two Indoor Track Tryouts Indoor Track Tryouts
56 MB
Chapter Three The Long and Cold Winter The Long and Cold Winter
91 MB
Chapter Four The Winter Season's End The Winter Season's End
61 MB
Chapter Five Spring Track Tryouts Spring Track Tryouts, Part 1
68 MB
    Spring Track Tryouts, Part 2
46 MB
Chapter Six The Big Spring Season The Big Spring Season, Part 1
55 MB
    The Big Spring Season, Part 2
70 MB
    The Big Spring Season, Part 3
80 MB
Chapter Seven Summer Break Summer Break, Part 1
71 MB
    Summer Break, Part 2
49 MB
Chapter Eight Moving Forward Moving Forward
33 MB
Appendix I Track Meet Officials Track Meet Officials
4 MB