Eddie, The Senior Year

Full Engagement

Eddie and the tribe are now the owners of several State records in track and field. Kathy and Paula have graduated and, along with Barbara, run for the University. It seems that the stronger the track team gets, the more the principal, Mr. Crum, interferes with the team’s success. Turning up the heat, Mr. Crum thinks of new and innovative ways to prevent the team’s success, going as far as making dire threats to some team members.

While Mr. Crum is raging out of control, Mr. Zunde, the athletic director, sees it as all fun and games. Chuckie, the school bully, crosses the line this year, finally getting his just due. In spite of the drama, the team manages to pull through and Eddie manages to deliver a few unexpected surprises. And, at the end of the school year, Mr. Crum gets the biggest surprise of his life.

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Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page   Title Page
1 MB
Chapter One Autumn Semester Autumn Semester, Part 1
108 MB
    Autumn Semester, Part 2
110 MB
Chapter Two Indoor Track Tryouts Indoor Track Tryouts
95 MB
Chapter Three The Indoor Season The Indoor Season, Part 1
73 MB
    The Indoor Season, Part 2
85 MB
Chapter Four Spring Track Tryouts Spring Track Tryouts
83 MB
Chapter Five The Spring Season The Spring Season, Part 1
95 MB
    The Spring Season, Part 2
70 MB
Chapter Six Graduation Graduation
27 MB
Chapter Seven Summer Begins Summer Begins, Part 1
70 MB
    Summer Begins, Part 2
49 MB
Appendix I Track Meet Officials Track Meet Officials
4 MB
Appendix II Dimensions of Field Implements Dimensions of Field Implements
4 MB