Eddie, The Mechanic

The Pleasant Interlude

In the fifth book in the series, Eddie and the tribe have graduated high school, and it’s on to the next phase of their lives. At the high school, the rift between Mr. Crum and the athletic staff widens, with a confrontation at every juncture.

Kathy and Paula are still trying to convince Eddie and Mark to run for the University, but the guys think it’s a long shot. But, Kathy’s efforts do not end there. With the group now scattered, Kathy tries her hardest to get everyone back together again.

Mark’s long time rival, McCutchen, returns with a vengeance, causing Mark to step up his psychological warfare game. Over the Summer, McCutchen does the unthinkable, setting himself up for a very rough year at the University.

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Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page   Title Page
1 MB
Chapter One The Wedding The Wedding
61 MB
Chapter Two The Mechanic The Mechanic
77 MB
Chapter Three Autumn Semester Autumn Semester
92 MB
Chapter Four Christmas Break Christmas Break
34 MB
Chapter Five The Winter Track Season The Winter Track Season, Part 1
73 MB
    The Winter Track Season, Part 2
75 MB
    The Winter Track Season, Part 3
54 MB
Chapter Six The Spring Track Season The Spring Track Season, Part 1
80 MB
    The Spring Track Season, Part 2
76 MB
Chapter Seven The Summer Reunion The Summer Reunion, Part 1
94 MB
    The Summer Reunion, Part 2
69 MB
Appendix I Track Meet Officials Track Meet Officials
4 MB