Eddie, The Collegiate Junior

More Trouble (For Some)

The University now clearly dominates track and field in the division. But, that does not mean that there is smooth sailing. Another member of the McCutchen family tries out for the University track team, throwing a monkey wrench into the works. As if another McCutchen entering the scene is not enough, Mark’s nemesis, Major Nachlobrocklin is back on the track. This year, regardless of all the obstacles placed in their way, the team still manages to dominate the divisional meets, delivering a few surprise performances this year.

Kathy and Paula discover that the blue and yellow stones have powers far beyond what was originally thought, and found a red stone that has similar powers. Oddly, all three stones have a relationship to the portal that totally changes the way the time travelers go to the future or to different universes.

Off the track, with Kathy’s help, Karen Corey is able to discover why her mother always hated her. Terry Haynes returns to cause more trouble. Chuckie makes another showing, and Eddie disposes of him in quite an unconventional way. And, at the service station, Angelo announces that he’s moving back to Greece but, Eddie knew that would happen this year.

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Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page   Title Page
1 MB
Chapter One School Starts School Starts, Part 1
84 MB
School Starts, Part 2
82 MB
Chapter Two Mr. Frazier Mr. Frazier
45 MB
Chapter Three Christmas Break Christmas Break
50 MB
Chapter Four The Indoor Track Season The Indoor Track Season
86 MB
Chapter Five Spring Break Spring Break
64 MB
Chapter Six Spring Semester Spring Semester, Part 1
57 MB
  Spring Semester, Part 2
115 MB
Chapter Seven Summer Break Summer Break, Part 1
83 MB
  Summer Break, Part 2
65 MB
  Summer Break, Part 3
41 MB
Appendix I Track Meet Officials Track Meet Officials
4 MB
Appendix II Parental Blood Type Outcomes Parental Blood Type Outcomes
3 MB