Eddie, The Collegiate Senior

The Unexpected and Expected Endings

The spies are back, again spying on thee University track team. This time, Mr. Frazier has quite the unusual way of dealing with them. This year, at the divisional meeting, Mr. Frazier and Provost Leighton are in for a very rough ride.

On the track, the University is once again unstoppable. Dr. Bonamo has moved on, and the new field events coach gets a warm welcome from the team. Dr. Zunde’s house gets broken into, which he handles in quite the esoteric manner. And, Officer Hayes, with the help of the track team, discovers why the McCutchen brothers, Evans, and a few others have been after the tribe.

Summer brings a few interesting developments, when Eddie runs for political office, Officer Hayes gets a promotion, and Athena Leighton finds a new group of friends. Mr. O’Brien and his son, Jimmy, finally get what’s coming to them. And, at the end of the Summer, the tribe learns a few things they never knew about each other.

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Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page   Title Page
1 MB
Chapter One A New Chapter A New Chapter, Part 1
74 MB
A New Chapter, Part 2
59 MB
Chapter Two Christmas Break Christmas Break
44 MB
Chapter Three The First Days Back The First Days Back
45 MB
Chapter Four The Indoor Track Season The Indoor Track Season
80 MB
Chapter Five Spring Break Spring Break
27 MB
Chapter Six The Spring Track Season The Spring Track Season, Part 1
52 MB
The Spring Track Season, Part 2
64 MB
Chapter Seven Athena's Story Athena's Story
39 MB
Chapter Eight Graduation Graduation
58 MB
Chapter Nine Summer Break Summer Break, Part 1
60 MB
Summer Break, Part 2
55 MB
Chapter Ten The Final Twist The Final Twist, Part 1
36 MB
    The Final Twist, Part 2
52 MB
Appendix I Track Meet Officials Track Meet Officials
4 MB