Eddiie - The Book Series

Series Information

Set in the 1970s, the Eddie, The Mechanic series follows the lives of six super track athletes through their high school and college careers. On the track, Eddie Bogenskaya and his five friends are unstoppable. Off the track, the guys win at anything they attempt.

Life for Eddie and his friends is not exactly an easy path. Faced with constant strife for unknown reasons, Eddie and the track team have multiple run ins with the high school principal, Mr. Crum. Mr. Frazier, the track coach, and Mr. Zunde, the athletic director, are at a loss to understand why Mr. Crum is so antagonistic toward athletes. Also making life interesting for Eddie and his friends is another student, Charles Black, known as Chuckie. Attempting every angle he can, Chuckie attempts to bully Eddie but never winning any encounter. And, Jimmy O’Brien, the class dunce that is analogous to gum stuck to your shoe, tries out for the track team every year, causing a huge problem for Mr. Frazier.

Eddie, however, has a secret. Sharing his secret with his girlfriend, Katarina Karakova, and his best friend, Mark Svoboda, and Mark’s girlfriend, Paula Giovani, Eddie reveals how he found a way to go to the future. Using their time traveling ability to an advantage, Eddie and his friends find esoteric ways to change the future.

As if the constant friction wasn’t enough during his high school years, Eddie and his buddies encounter the same aggressive behavior involving the administration at the University where they all received a full track scholarship. Reminiscent of Mr. Crum, Addison Grimsby, the dean of students, aggressively interferes with matters of the track team. Making matters worse for the University’s track team, other teams in the division begin spying on the University’s training sessions, but not purely for reasons of discovering their training secrets.

During Eddie’s latter college years, the reason for Mr. Crum’s and Dean Grimsby’s aggression become perfectly clear. Unraveling the mystery behind the interference with sports since his high school years, Eddie and his buddies now have a new adversary. Mayor Bradford Jamieson, who has his own locker full of secrets, steps in and attempts to indirectly interfere with the University’s athletic department. Quickly realizing that nothing is as simple as it seems, Eddie plans to take down Mayor Jamieson, uncovering many roadblocks and interesting twists along the way.

Once the dust finally begins to settle, the University’s track team faces another huge obstacle. Purely because of the University track team’s superior performance, the eleven other track teams in the University’s division want the University’s track team removed from the division. Addressing that issue, Provost Athena Leighton has her work cut out for her setting the other colleges and universities straight. Running track herself during her high school and college years, Provost Leighton is 100 percent behind the track coaches and the team.

Fast forward to the ten-year high school reunion. The party not only brings a reunion of friends but a reunion of adversaries as well. Chuckie is more notorious than ever, causing serious problems for Eddie and his friends. Jimmy O’Brien returns and is more bold than ever. Mr. Crum makes an unexpected entrance, pulling quite the unexpected stunt in front of the high school class. But, in the end, good triumphs over evil, and everyone gets their just due