Judge Not
Lest Ye Be Judged

Amy Amherst and Jenny Radcliffe have been very good friends since they met in fifth grade. After high school, Jenny went to the University to study computer science. Amy, who was undecided in her career path, attended the local community college for two years. Reunited with Jenny two years later at the University, Amy’s life takes an unexpected drastic turn, something she totally unexpected.

Meeting Ed Becker, the guy of her dreams, Amy thinks Ed is way out of her league. Discovering that she has something in common with Ed, Amy takes a chance and just happens to be present at the University’s pool when Ed is expected to be there.

Jenny, wanting Amy to meet a group of like-minded Christians, takes Amy to an Interdenominational Campus Fellowship meeting. Much to Amy’s surprise, a few members of the fellowship are quite judgmental. Dana McPherson, a member of the fellowship who expected to date Ed this year, makes life a little rough for Amy. Donna Ruff, another member of the fellowship and after the same guy as Jenny, makes life miserable for Jenny. And, Ed finds out that Rodney Steele, the leader of the fellowship group, has a very big secret.

With several interesting twists, the plot reveals that judgement based upon appearances is most often quite flawed. In the end, nothing is as it seems.

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You can read Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged or listen to the audio version by clicking on the links below (PDF / MP3 opens in new window).


Chapter Text Version (PDF) Audio Version (MP3)
Title Page Title Page Title Page
2 MB
Week One New Beginnings New Beginnings
44 MB
Week Two A Few Surprises A Few Surprises
43 MB
Week Three Really, Now? Really, Now?
31 MB
Week Four Joe's Story Joe's Story
55 MB
Week Five Jenny's Story Jenny's Story
35 MB
Week Six A Bump in the Road A Bump in the Road
31 MB
Week Seven Amy's Story Amy's Story
25 MB
Week Eight A Trip to the Beach A Trip to the Beach
30 MB
Week Nine Ed's Story Ed's Story
22 MB
Week Ten Back to the Beach Back to the Beach
23 MB
Week Eleven The Invitation The Invitation
35 MB
Week Twelve Heading Home Heading Home
34 MB
Appendix One Mr. Frazier's Motivational Speech Mr. Frazier's Motivational Speech
20 MB
Eiplog Where Are They Now? Where Are They Now?
4 MB

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