Title & Link to the Story Intended Location in the Storyline Comments
Jimmy O'Brien on the Track At Spring Track Tryouts during Eddie, The Junior Year Mr. O'Brien watches as Jimmy gets embarrassed once again.
Mr. Frazier's Motivational Speech During Eddie, The Collegiate Sophomore An adaptation also appears in Eddie, The Senior Year.
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Excerpts (Some Were Formerly Outtakes)


Title & Link to the Story Description Book in the Series
A Game of Dodge Ball When Eddie was in the sixth grade Eddie, The Early Years
Chuckie's Suntan Chuckie's infamous suntan attempt Eddie, The Freshman Year
Mr. Frazier's Performance Review Mr. Crum evaluates Mr. Frazier's performance Eddie, The Freshman Year
A Social Studies Confrontation Mr. O'Brien takes on Eddie, Mark, and Braden Eddie, The Sophomore Year
A Lopsided Football Game The freshman vs. sophomore football game Eddie, The Sophomore Year
Lunchroom Confrontation When the school year started Eddie, The Sophomore Year
Music Compositions Eddie's and Braden's Musical Talent Eddie, The Sophomore & Senior Years
Superfluous or Verbose? During chemistry class Eddie, The Sophomore Year
Erika vs. Chuckie How and when Erika and Chuckie became adversaries Eddie, The Junior Year
Mr. Crum's Ass Kicking Mr. Crum gets his ass kicked Eddie, The Junior Year
Jimmy O'Brien's Folly Jimmy O'Brien, the supreme idiot Eddie, The Junior Year
Hazing: Not Allowed Fuels the fire between Mr. Crum and the tribe Eddie, The Senior Year
Physics Test A Physics test gone bad Eddie, The Senior Year
Erika vs. Terry Haynes Erika vs. Hanyes - Guess who won Eddie, The Senior Year
Braden's Turn Chuckie goes down again Eddie, The Senior Year
Braden Gets His Ass Kicked? Chuckie and Goldstein attempt to kick Braden's ass. Eddie, The Senior Year
Braden's Field Goal Braden kicks a field goal Eddie, The Mechanic
A Day at the Pool Conversations at the county pool Eddie, The Mechanic
McCutchen in the Classroom McCutchen makes a fool of himself in the classroom Eddie, The Collegiate Sophomore
Paula's Jeep Gets Hit The way we used to handle insurance adjustors Eddie, The Collegiate Junior
Jimmy O'Brien's Flat Tire Jimmy O'Brien gets a flat tire. Eddie, The Collegiate Senior
Kathy and Paula at Graduation Kathy and Paula's chat during Eddie's graduation Eddie, The Collegiate Senior
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