Frequently Asked Questions


Are Eddie, Mark, and the rest of the characters modeled after real people?
The Eddie the Mechanic book series is purely a work of fiction and fantasy. Any names, characters, schools, businesses, places, events and/or incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. There are, however, two minor exceptions to this. Mark Svoboda and Axel Braden, bear a slight resemblance to persons known to the author, particularly in the earlier books in the series.
Why is the artwork for the covers in black and white?
The monochrome images are, in a way, the signature mark of the series. In this modern digital age, black and white photography is becoming a lost art. The blank and white images guide a person to what is trying to be conveyed rather than focusing on the intricacies and details offered by color photography.
Are there any books planned after Eddie, The Ten Year Reunion?
Certain events have been presented in Eddie, The Ten Year Reunion that open the possibility to a twelfth book in the series, which would be Eddie, The Twenty Five Year Reunion.
How can I contact the author?
By email at Please place the text Eddie, The Book Series on the subject line.
How come the website isn't finished?
The website is maintained by the author. With tasks, such as writing, formatting, proofreading, etc., things sometimes move along slowly. The website will probably never really be "finished".
Why didn't the outtakes make it into the books?
Well, now they did. The print editions are being reworked to include the outtakes. The original editions were generally designed to be in the 260-270 page range. Not any more.
There’s a lot of fights in the books. Is there any reason why?
Part of the reason there are a lot of fiights in the storyline is due to the antagonistic behavior of some of the characters. Chuckie would be a good example of an antagonistic character. Andrew Goldstein would be another. And, besides, who doesn't want to seen the bad guys go down? Another reason for the numerous physical altercations is, during the 1970s, fights are how differences were often settled. It was just a reality of the era.
How long did it take to write each book?
Six months, on average.
Some of your sentences are not grammatically correct. Why?
Ask Braden. He’ll tell you. Seriously, though. The setting of the storyline is in high school and college. A serious attempt was made to keep the conversation congruent with the character’s ages. Non conversational text can’t deviate too far from the conversational text, otherwise it would read kind of stupid.
Where is the setting for the book?
The closest I'll say is that the setting is on Long Island, New York. The location of the high school, service station, beach, pizzeria, the character's homes, and the University, etc., all are geographically correct in reference to the storyline. The names, however, have all been changed. If someone is industrious, he or she can probably figure out exactly where the setting is.
Hey, there's a typo or a mistake!
There's probably a few typos in the books and minor mistakes in the audio. Email the a description of the problem to me and I'll fix it. ... please put Eddie, The Mechanic on the subject line.
Why is Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged a free ebook?
The book Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged spreads the Gospel message. I will not financially profit from spreading the good news. The hard copy, however, is provided at a nominal cost to those who prefer to hold a book in their hands.
Can the Eddie, The Mechanic series be made into a movie?
Not likely. The Eddie, The Mechanic series was written to be more of a television series.
At what grade level is the Eddie The Mechanic series written?
The Flesch-Kincaid grade level of the series is in the sixth to seventh grade range, which makes it an easy read. The plot complexity, however, is at a somewhat higher grade level. Many situations presented in the storyline may have their full meaning exposed in a later book of the series.
Why was the Eddie, The Mechanic series put online?
Eddie, The Mechanic is a book series originally written for middle school and hiigh school students. The series is also for adults. Middle school and high school students should have something to read when class gets boring, so, I'm putting it online for free.
Will all the books in the series be put online too?
Yes. I'm working on it.
Why does the Eddie, The Eary Years have a lot of details?
There are approximately 1,250,000 words covering 11 books in the Eddie, The Mechanic series. The average novel is 60,000 words. To properly understand the characters and where they are coming from, they must be introduced properly. By the end of Eddie, The Sophomore Year, you will know the characters very well.
What do the covers depict?

Good Question. The answer -

Eddie, The Early Years - The fierce storm on the day Eddie discovered the portal.
Eddie, The Freshman Year - Eddie leaving the starting blocks.
Eddie, The Sophomore Year - Multiple runners leaving the blocks during a short sprint.
Eddie, The Junior Year - Kathy leaving the blocks.
Eddie, The Senior Year - Braden behind the blocks.
Eddie, The Mechanic - Eddie starts his career as a mechanic.
Eddie, The Collegiate Freshman - Paula in the blocks.
Eddie, The Collegiate Sophomore - Barbara in the one-mile run.
Eddie, The Collegiate Junior - The University’s stadium.
Eddie, The Collegiate Senior - Back to the beach.
Eddie, The Ten Year Reunion - Lynn Berson with her first camera.

Who is your favorite character?
That's a very hard question. Outside of the main characters who have a presence throughout the entire series, I'd have to say that it's Athena Leighton, who makes her first appearance in Eddie, The Collegiate Freshman.
Then, who is your least favorite character?
That really depends of what "least favorite" means. It's between Chuckie and Jimmy O'Brien. Chuckie is a stupid moronic idiot. Jimmy O'Brien, however, would have to take the gold medal in being an inept asshole. Read the outtake Jimmy O'Brien's Folly to understand why.
What are you working on now?
Eddie, The Twenty Five Year Reunion. But, don't hold your breath. I just started..
Why are there so many details in the storyline?
The Eddie, The Mechanic series is written in such a way to give the reader the impression that they are right there, in the middle of the action, participating in the story. By including intricate details in the storyline, the reader feels like a participant rather than an observer.
What is the total running time of the audio versions?
The total running time of the audio version of the Eddie, The Mechanic series is approximately 135 hours.