Squeaky Chain Girl

They say freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. So goes the song, anyway. That’s a really hard sell to anyone who hears the final bell of the school year ring, especially the seniors. It’s even a harder sell to someone who just got released from prison. To a few, in contrast with many others, freedom is one of the hardest and most painful experiences they can ever go through.

They also say YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. To some people whose hearts have been deeply touched by another, YOLO more appropriately stands for You Only Love Once. Those who only love once have left part of their heart with the one they are deeply in love with. When the person they love has left, part of them stays with the one whom they love forever.

Falling deeply in love during Summer break, John Becker and Karen Chandler share the most wonderful Summer together. With the clock ticking down until John has to go away to college, Karen and John spend their days together at the beach, the county pool, with their friends, and taking the long way home whenever they can, At the end of the Summer, John heads off to college. While John is away, Karen, still in high school, counts down the days until he returns for Christmas break.

When John returns over Christmas break, Karen and John enjoy every minute of their precious month together. Heading to the beach, ice rink, and spending time with their friends, the clock is again ticking, counting down the days until John must return to college for the Spring semester.

When John returns for the Summer, the plot takes an unexpected twist in several directions. Deciding not to return to college for his sophomore year, John's life is turned upside down in more ways than he ever expected. John's father, Frank Becker the Third, is not at all happy with John's decision to drop out of college. John and Karen are faced with many difficulties, realizing that their love for each other is far greater than they've ever imagined.

If I say anything else, I'll totally spoil the plot and ending.

Genre: Chick Lit., Romantic Comedy.

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My Favorite Excerpt

Taking another bite of her sandwich, Karen blurts out, “you know. This is all your fault, John Becker.” John laughs, asking, “really, Karen Chandler? Exactly how is this my fault?” Karen confidently replies, “because it is.” A little time goes by as John waits for Karen to expound on her answer. But, it’s clear that Karen threw the ball back into John’s court, forcing him to ask the next question. As Karen is waiting patiently for the next question, John asks, “would you care to elaborate, Miss Chandler?” Avoiding the question all together, Karen smiles, and asks, “did they teach you how to form those impressive sounding sentences in your college English class, Mr. Becker? Or, did you come up with that all by yourself?” John replies, “no. I’m practicing for when I sit in my corner office, when everyone calls me ‘Mr. Becker’.” Recalling their last trip to the beach before John left for college, Karen smiles, and tells John, “that so sweet. You remembered what I saw in my special seashell.”

Getting around to answering John’s question, Karen explains, “you see? It’s like this. It’s all your fault because, if you never brought me here to Long Beach, I wouldn’t have realized how much I like the beach, the ocean, and everything that’s here. And, you spoiled me. So, it’s all your fault. And, don’t even try to get out of it.” John admits, “okay. It’s all my fault. I totally admit it.” Karen replies, “good. So, now what are you going to do about it?” John replies, “I’m going to go up to the counter, get two slices of hot apple pie, and spoil you some more, Karen Chandler.” Karen smiles, and tells John, “I love you so much.”

John returns with two slices of hot apple pie. Karen takes a bite of her pie, telling John, “this is like way too good.” John tells Karen, “I told you the pie was really good.” Karen replies, “not the pie, Mr. Becker. Sitting here with you.” John leans over the table and kisses Karen, then tells her, “you’re so sweet.” Karen asks, “are you sure it’s not the apple pie that’s sweet?” John replies, “totally sure. If it was the pie, I’d take the pie home and leave you here.” Karen tells John, “you’d better stop saying stuff like that, Mr. Becker.” John asks, “why? It’s true.” Karen looks John in his eye, telling him, “because, when you say stuff like that, I just fall more in love with you.”